Thursday, September 25, 2008


It has been a couple of weeks since I updated my blog and wanted to share some of the experience we had in Trujillo, a town on the northern coast of Honduras. I went on a weekend trip with a HASH group, which I understand occurs around the world. This is a group of people who get together for fun and ostensibly to run and walk together. We spent avbout 10 hours on a bus to get to Trujillo and stayed in Casa Alemania, a hotel right on the beach. Unlike many places in Honduras, the owners of Casa Alemania, a German named Gunther and his Honduran wife, Patricia, both understand the concept of customer service. We ate home cooked meals and everyone was offered seconds which is highly unusual in a hotel/B&B.

The beach was clean in front of the hotel but in either direction...very filthy. I had a ball...this was the first time I was able to go out at 5:30 a.m. alone and walk. I walked the beach. Later, we went into town and saw tons of parades...this was a holiday weekend so we had three days for the excursion. We stopped on the way at a roadside eatery and some young kids were dressing for a parade/dance so we stayed longer to see them perform in their native costumes.

Like the experience in Amapala, we lost power in Trujillo but only for a couple of hours and due to a transformer explosion. No issues...we were on our way home at that point in just a couple of hours. Hot but nothing like the melting heat of Amapala.

Trujillo is the home of the Santa Barbara Fort which I visited and also went to the cemetary to see William Walker's grave. He bombarded the fort and was a "supposed" insurgent.

Sunday evening after dinner, we had a huge bonfire on the beach. Very lovely with clear skies and millions of twinkling stars. Easy to forget one was in Honduras.

Our bus trip was never ending...going, we had kids movies and blaring music. The volume on the DVD player had one setting...outrageously loud. Thankfully, on the way back, everyone was totally exhausted and so there was no music, no movies and lots of sleeping and snoring going on. Read three books in the three days and started another...we had to share books and moved them between people.

The group was very interesting...about 30 of us. Some Germans, a French Canadian, Americans, a Russian, Honduran dentists, kids, teens, military personnel. A great opportunity to make new friends and network.

We played cornhole...a game where you throw sandbags into a hole and get points. Some folks are very good at it.

Trying to import photos...more later

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