Friday, September 12, 2008


This morning, a friend in Ft. Myers sent me a most moving tribute to those who died and those who survived 9/11. Yesterday, I was very impressed here that my Honduran friends were tuned into the significance of this date to the gringo amongst them. At least 20 people asked me if I had read, seen, heard of the memorials being held around the US and that they prayed nothing like this would ever happen again. I am reminded often about the caring people I work with...despite the poverty and lawlessness here, these Hondurans are warm caring family people and they have wrapped me in their arms in so many loving and accepting ways. If only we could be everywhere in this world, one person learning about another, touching each other in homes, in the streets and at work. We would be a stronger country and a stronger world. These people who would kill and do kill to get to our country for a better life are the same people who shudder at such destruction and waste. I love it here and cannot wait to be with you all at my other home.

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