Sunday, October 12, 2008

Disasters in Life

So, it has been awhile since I wrote and much has happened in my personal and in my professional life. It is my 58th birthday today, October 12, 2008. In the past week or so, my granddaughter, McKenzie was hit by an auto going 40 mph and today, she is home recuperating. They aren't sure yet what the extent of her injuries will be...but she is alive, moving and healing. Miracles DO occur.

And then, we eliminated positions at our media company and the person I care so much about, whose position was eliminated turned on me/us on Friday making the whole process an ugly and hurtful one. I miss him. I miss sharing. And mostly, I miss the man I thought I knew.

Today, I went with the HASH group to Santa Lucia and had a wonderful time getting disoriented and a bit off course as we walked/ran the "live" course laid by a few runners marking the course by dropping flour signals here and there. What was fascinating was that the local dogs, geese and chickens were eating the flour markers so the route was a bit odd. I couldn't do the whole route...all uphill and the roadway was intermittent stone arrangements, so we were walking on a rocky road. I did fairly well but the best was that we were outside, walking through a town and feeling incredibly safe. Later I went to get my purse and walked another mile holding it...not feeling unsafe at all.

After the "down down" we went to a local eatery and had lunch. Three local dogs sat and quietly begged food. I am not a beef gal, so gave them my beef chunks and after all were done, I begged everyone's scraps so I could feed the dogs. Another woman who had ordered a fried whole fish, picked pieces of her fish out and we threw the meat out to the dogs. Jason, a military guy and the one responsible for the HASHs is leaving so he passed on the jobs to Sarah and Chad who will be the religious religious here to mean party animals who lead us in song and in the "down downs." And David takes over the job of beermeister...making sure that there is beer for all. I have asked that we consider wine also but the "down down" for that, if a box wine could kill one!

Last Tuesday, I went to the Ahern's house with a bunch of folks to watch the McCain/Obama debate and I am hosting the next debate party which will be this coming Wednesday. In between the debate parties, I went to Jason's Embassy going away party. Interesting to see folks intermingling. Jason sponsors an orphanage so we were asked to bring something for the kids rather than a gift for him. The party was held at a home which literally could have held 250 people but while I was there...there were maybe 125. I am enjoying meeting people from all walks of life and from all parts of the world.

There are two teaching positions available for English teachers here in town. I asked Richard what he thought about living here in Tegucigalpa. He is thinking on that.